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Humaya Films cordially invites you to join us for an exclusive Pre-Screening for our upcoming documentary film, “Between Myth and History: Florida Renaissance Festival”. Settle in and enjoy a backstage view of the lives of the people who turn the past into their present at the Florida Renaissance Festival!

Our event includes a welcome cocktail reception, followed by a Director’s foreword on the film. The first fifty people who purchase tickets will also receive an exclusive photography book to commemorate the occasion!

Humaya Films is a South Florida-based film crew made up of a rag-tag group of wannabe superheroes, in that we all come from different backgrounds to make up the classiest bunch of artists this side of the Mason Dixon. Infused with a love of writing, drawing, acting, film, and music, simply put, we create stories. We want to bring magic to the real world, and transcend each of our individual talents to create something beautiful, moving, and engaging.

Humaya Films

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