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Watch Camp Lo’s New Video!

Camp Lo – Piece Of The Action / World Heist
(Produced by Ski Beatz)

I hope this becomes a trend where artists start releasing videos for their classic material that never had visuals previously. I’ve always wanted them to make a video for “Black Connection!”

Camp Lo – Black Connection

In my opinion, Camp Lo has always been slept on. It’s time people realize how unique this duo really is. These guys are right up there with Raekwon, E-40 and N.O.R.E. when it comes to “Slanguage Rap.” If you’re looking for style, flavor and originality, you need look no further. With their slick rhymes and smooth delivery, Camp Lo is just as fresh now as they’ve ever been.

Camp Lo – You (Official Music Video)

Initially signed with Profile Records, Camp Lo made their first appearance in 1996 on The Great White Hype soundtrack, with their single, “Coolie High“. The smooth party song was a minor hit, peaking at #25 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart.

Camp Lo – Coolie High

The duo is perhaps best known for their 1997 hit, “Luchini” the upbeat, horn driven “Luchini“, otherwise known as “This Is It“. Released as their second single, the song became a crossover hit in 1997, breaking into the Top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100, and reaching the top 5 on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

Camp Lo – Luchini (AKA This Is It)

Camp Lo is an American Hip Hop duo, formed in 1995, which hails from The Bronx, New York. The duo consists of rappers Sonny Cheeba (Salahadeen Wilds) and Geechi Suede (Saladine Wallace), both of Muslim upbringing.

Camp Lo – Bright Lights (Official Music Video)

Camp Lo – X Seminar

Camp Lo – Lumdi

Camp Lo – Glow

Camp Lo – Black Nostaljack

Geechi Suede

GEECHI SUEDE exploded into the consciousness of hip hop and pop culture by co-commandeering the classic mellow hit “Cooley High”, from the movie soundtrack, “The Great White Hype”, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Fox and Woody Harrelson.

Geechi Suede, one half of the dynamic duo, Camp Lo, embarks upon a personal voyage. A voyage which includes experimentation with different sound textures, in an effort to tilt the cosmic scales as he redefines himself artistically. A journey touching on different topics, and showing a more intimate side as he sonically steps…outside.

Be on the lookout for an assortment of new releases and carefully curated collaborations from “the Futuristic Retro Vet”.

Sonny Cheeba

Known for his dialect and wordplay, Sonny Cheeba’s distinctive flow and voice have made him one of the most unique and original characters in Hip-Hop music. His unique delivery landed him a guest appearances on Will Smith’s Big Willie Style LP in the late 90’s as he was tapped to do the hook for “Yes Yes Y’all”. The feel good vibe represented what Camp Lo and Sonny Cheeba are all about. Recently Cheeba has leaked a few of his own solo underground gems and has featured on the song “I’m Me” from The Avalanches LP Wildflower. Because of his vision and ability to mesh the past with the present inside his own language, the Ameretta sippin’ Sonny Cheeba is an icon with his partner Geechie Suede and has helped carve a path that represents all of hip-hop’s elements while still keeping it very Camp Lo. Cheeba and Suede will continue to rep The Boogie Down Bronx and be a distinct voice for Black Culture.

Ski Beatz

SKI BEATZ is an artist, legendary record producer, musician and MC originally from North Carolina. New York City’s own Hip-Hop aficionado, DJ CLARK KENT, discovered Ski Beatz during a performance with the “BIZZIE BOYS” after opening up for the legendary MC DANA DANE. Ski Beatz was originally known as “MC WILL-SKI” and was a member of the group “ORIGINAL FLAVOR”, which was the first group, managed by future recording industry executive DAMON DASH. Ski Beatz began to produce music for rap duo, CAMP LO on their first debut album “UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT” which peaked at NUMBER 27 on the BILLBOARD 200 CHART and spawned the hit single, “LUCHINI AKA THIS IS IT” reaching the TOP 5 on the HOT RAP SINGLES CHART. Soon after, Damon Dash commissioned Ski Beatz to work on the debut album of another artist on his roster, JAY Z. Jay Z’s album “REASONABLE DOUBT” marked another major production placement in Ski Beatz career. Ski Beatz produced four tracks off the album, including the hit singles “DEAD PRESIDENTS” which was a commercial success as indicated by its RIAA CERTIFICATION as a GOLD SINGLE and “FEELIN’ IT” the fourth single.


Camp Lo “On Smash” feat Styles P /
“89 of Crime”

Camp Lo – Son of A… [Directed by Court Dunn]

Camp Lo – “Did You Know” Produced By Skibeatz

Camp Lo – Life I Love

Camp Lo on Genre Giants

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