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It takes an extreme amount of hard work, dedication and strategic planning to not only record 28 songs but to also shoot 28 videos for each track.. but that’s exactly what Brooklyn, lyricist Certified Gage has done!

Watch as he releases a video per day for the entire month of February leading up to his highly anticipated project “#EvolveOrDissolve2

I was put on to him by upcoming actress Money Mel and I’m glad I checked him out.. because this dude is a beast! Stay tuned as Certified Gage shows you why he’s Brooklyn’s next household name!


Certified Gage – “No Regrets”

Certified Gage – “Blow Up (Freestyle)”

Certified Gage – “Downfall”

Certified Gage – “More Drugs” feat. Jose Santiago

Certified Gage – “Shook Ones (Freestyle)”

Certified Gage – “Don’t Let Me Drown” feat. Omar Torres

Certified Gage – “Yours Truly”

“Only in Darkness you can see the stars”
#EvolveOrDissolve2 (2.28.17)

Certified Gage on Genre Giants

Certified Gage on Genre Giants

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