Choppin’ Out Da Forest – DJ Smokey

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DJ Smokey – Choppin Out Da Forest (Full Album)

Being relatively unknown anywhere but the Internet is a tune all too familiar in 2015, but that doesn’t hold back DJ SMOKEY‘s brand of purpled-out trap bangers in the slightest. His Soundcloud page features international collaborations, including Stockholm-raised Sad Boys’ collective members Yung Lean and Yung Gud and Austin-based OVO affiliate Eric Dingus. After his official performance debut at Hamilton’s Club Abs with SpaceGhostPurrp, DJ SMOKEY 666 set the bar high right off the bat.






1// Enter Da Treehouse Part 1 (feat Shaq France)
2// Choppin Out Da Forest Part 1
a. Choppin With Smokey
b. Bandz Make Her Buss it
c. Tropical Island Phonk
3// Choppin Out Da Lost Woods (feat Shaq France)
4// Choppin Out Da Forest Part 2
a. Boomin Bunkin Choppin
b. Summa Time On Da Block Part 2
c. Migos – Trap House Jumping Like Jordan Kirby Mix
d. Future – Move That Dope Kirby Mix
5// Enter Da Treehouse Part 2

Featuring Shaq France on songs 1 and 3.
Follow him on twitter and @shaqfrance

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DJ Smokey
DJ SMOKEY - Genre Giants

Interview with

Italdred: Hello, can you introduce yourself?

DJ Smokey: I’m DJ Smokey, I like 2 make beats

Italdred: How long have you been producing? Has it always been trap?

DJ Smokey:I’ve been making beats for a few years now, I always fuked with da trap

Italdred: What do you think of the whole trap scene at this moment in time?

DJ Smokey: i fuk with it Free Guwop

Italdred: What and who are your main influences?

DJ Smokey: Gucci Mane, DJ Screw, Evil Pimp & Tommy Wright

Italdred: What are your favorite tracks at the moment and what other artists have you been listening to recently?

DJ Smokey: Right now I’m listening to Robb Banks and Gucci a lot

Italdred: Have you always wanted to produce music?

DJ Smokey: Naw, when i was younger i was into metal like slayer n shit lol

Italdred: If you could work with any other artist/producer who would it be?

DJ Smokey: Well obviously i wana work with Zaytoven, Gucci, and a thousand other ppl i wanna make tracks for

Italdred: What else do you do with your time apart from making music?

DJ Smokey: I like to smoke yoshi pak n count money

Italdred: Any last words? Any shout outs?

DJ Smokey: Free DJ Kraft dinna n watch out for da snakes bruh

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