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I drove this kid in my Uber the other night and gave him the Aux Cord. I always offer riders the “Aux Cable” to see what music they will play. It’s a great way to discover new music and artist. (Fun Fact: The first time I heard “21 Savage” and “Ugly God” was because a girl was blasting them in my Uber lol)

Anyhow, this dude started playing what sounded like “Spanish-Hip Hop” to me. Even though I’m half Puerto Rican, unfortunately I never learned Spanish, but I can tell a “good flow” when I hear one.. no matter what language is.

He started singing along with the words of the song as we were driving. When we got to his destination address, I told him the song sounded dope. He told me that he was an artist and pulled the sleeve of his jacket down to reveal a tattoo with the name “El Elegido” across his wrist.

He told me “El Elegido” was his artist name and to check out his YouTube Channel. He specifically said to listen to “Angel Warrior

He proceeded to show me some artwork that he just finished creating for a new song he recorded. He went in detail of how he cropped a picture of a ‘Rose‘ and placed it in the center of what seemed to be a “Bible”. You can always tell when an artist is passionate about their music.. because they will always they do their own artwork.

I told him I would check his music out and we gave each other Dap, I said “Peace” and he replied with “Dale.”
I drove away.. only to have some kid vomit in my car 15 minutes later. Yeah, Halloween Weekend 2016 -_- (Fun Fact: Uber compensated me $150)
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PS. I looked up what “Elegido” meant and it translates to “Chosen” El Elegido = The Chosen One

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Yo Soy Distinto – El Elegido (prod. By Javi G)

Esto Es Asi – El Elegido

Yo No Ando Solo – El Elegido

Cambiaste Mi Vida – El Elegido (Prod.By: Danny Garcia)

Ahy Una Palabra – El Elegido

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