Kevin Durant – “The Offseason” Documentary

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Titled “The Offseason,” the new documentary follows Durant from the moment he wins his first MVP award last spring through a long, difficult summer filled with intensive workouts, endorsement obligations, travel and other busy work most fans don’t associate with the words “summer break.”

Kevin Durant The Offseason FULL Documentary

“The average fan does think it’s their time off, but [the offseason] is really their time on,” Patricof says. “All great athletes, their days are packed. Everything from working out, to training with new basketball coaches, to trying different strengthening methods, to eating healthy … they’re doing most of it [in the offseason].

“Seeing somebody go out there and play 82 basketball games, that’s just a small fraction of what it takes to be a professional athlete.”

Patricof says the most surprising thing he learned while producing the documentary is the way Durant pushed himself to keep improving. Even after winning the MVP award, the Oklahoma City Thunder star spent time trying to add new moves and elements to his game.

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