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As a youth raised in Lake Worth, FL Luis Diaz was always highly involved with a number of sports such as baseball, weight lifting, football and track & field. Finding the most success in football as a slot receiver and running back he was offered scholarships from several colleges along the east coast.

Luis Ryan Fitness – Week 1

After turning down all the athletic offers he received he found himself at The University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Once he realized hospitality was not an ideal career his love for building an amazing body and helping others achieve the same became more than a hobby.

Luis Ryan Fitness – Week 2

He started out on his own, after leaving college, with just a few weights packed in the trunk of his car. Only 6 months later he built up a customer base of 16 clients and from Boca Raton to Palm Beach Gardens.

Luis Ryan Diaz Fitness – Week 3

Diaz now competes as a NPC Mens Physique competitor in South Florida . He now trains online, mainly teaching men and women how to transform their bodies using the training and nutrition.

Luis Ryan Fitness
Luis Ryan Diaz Fitness

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