Oschino Vasquez is Gaining Growth

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Oschino Vasquez

Oschino Vasquez
was always a stand out in State Property, but after multiple hurdles and setbacks, things seemed to be falling a part for the veteran Philly lyricist. Nevertheless, Oschino turned life’s lemons into lemonade. With a rekindled passion and refocus, Vasquez has been on a crusade, releasing an onslaught of freestyles/videos with his “Appetizer” mixtape series.

Catching the attention of the internet with his straight forward interviews and grassroots approach to promotion (He’s been personally delivering his mixtapes to local fans who buy them online) Oschino Vasquez is becoming an inspiration to many! There’s something about an underdog that makes you root for their success. True to the fighting spirit of Philadelphia, Oschino Vasquez is Hip Hop’s version of Rocky! Go Oschino!

Oschino Vasquez – Panda Freestyle

Oschino Vasquez Goes Crazy (HIP HOP FREESTYLE)

Oschino Vasquez – Bout Da Money

Oschino Vasquez Ft. Deezy Top Savage –

Oschino Freestyle – Heavy Spitters 2


Peedi Crakk & Oschino (Full) – Drink Champs

Oschino on Doggie Diamonds

Tax Season Podcast: The Oschino Episode

Oschino Vasquez & Peedi Crakk on The Breakfast Club

Dave East listens to Appetizer 6 Intro &
Oschino reminisces with Wayno

Oschino Vasquez

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