Spintronix Documentary : “GENERATIONS”

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Conceived in 1985 from beneath the mists of Daly City, California and founded in the new and emerging low end sounds reverberating throughout the country, SPINTRONIX was born.

Spintronix Documentary : “GENERATIONS”

Through music a group of individuals became friends, friends became a crew, and eventually the crew became a corporation. In a region famous for its contributions to the DJ culture, SPINTRONIX ranks as one of the most renowned names in DJ entertainment, unanimously celebrated as pioneers of the “mobile” crew era.

The short documentary “GENERATIONS” chronicles SPINTRONIX from a group of high school kids looking to make a name for themselves, to adults running a full-scale entertainment company over three-decades later. Under the same family vibe it started from the crew has evolved with the times, and remain a name synonymous with fresh.

With lessons in longevity and the importance of structure and professionalism, this is more than a story about good DJ’s. Loaded with archival photos and footage, as well as commentary from the founders and testimonials from world famous DJ’s and scholars, “GENERATIONS” serves as a pivotal chapter in Bay Area DJing history.


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