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Troi Torain aka STAR is the most objective voice in media today and in 2011 he was inducted into News One’s “Top 20 Best Black Radio Jockeys Of All Time.” As an objectivist, Atheist and independent voter STAR is known to push the limits of religion, philosophy and rational thinking. Acute observations between sexes, races and classes are at the fore of Star’s much-renowned drive and commentary. His “style of no style” makes him appear to be just like any man and yet like no other man that you know.

Torain made the national stage on MTV’s Beat Suite (1999) but it was his radio show (Star & Buc Wild) on New York’s Hot 97 & Power 105 that secured his place in media history. STAR’s resume also includes Atlantic Records, WEA, Virgin Records, Round The Globe Music, The Source magazine, Pulse 87, Power 99, Hip-Hop Weekly magazine, Vladtv,, 100.3 The Beat, VH1 (The Gossip Game), and Stop The Police.

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