Steve Grant ft. Alais Clay, Heidi D and DISL Automatic – Rise Up

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Steve Grant ft. Alais Clay,
Heidi D and DISL Automatic
– Rise Up


Yea.. lets get it started kiss the dearly departed
I’m bout to leave a mark on this earth I wont be forgotten
I’m with my people I’m taking action I’m finished talking
i grit my teeth and I hit these streets and i get the marching Chea!
Hold up! wait a minuet
How can you stand up for what you believe in if you’re sitting?
you gotta get up and get the going and get up in it
cause once we have risen out of this prison then there is no limits
Aint the time for us to lay down big dreams
This aint the Ides of March this is jade helm 15
Yea its a sick scheme but we bout to power through it
all you gotta do is show up don’t worry bout how ya do it!
And this music is to help grow seeds underneath us
No one can do it alone each one is needed
With every revolutionary we’ve come to beat em
And we do this all for YOU,PEACE ,LOVE AND FREEDOM

Rise up
All my people are you with me now Rise up
All my brothers and my sisters now Rise up
Cause we all in this together now Rise up
Everybody around the world Rise up
This is power to the people now Rise up
And we calling all warriors Rise up
Cause we all in this together now Rise up
Everybody around the world Rise up

Tribe Rise Up
that’s Spirit moving inside us
hold strong when the cointelpro try to divide us
with their left/right, black & white mass media hype
meanwhile they be keeping real issues out of sight
like the poison in our water, soil, sky, seeds, food
the daily assault upon me, her, him, you
the endless supply of lies
and chemical-filled skies
we confront em with truth, they try and brush us aside
but we ain’t budging
me, Disl, and Steve Grant, plus Heidi D and family
we Truth Hop champs
we uplifting our fam
taking a strong stand
putting in the work the situation demands
got our hands in the dirt and our eyes on the target
you could say we’re pulling weeds from the garden
standing with my brothers ‘cuz our Mother’s getting raped
time to put the violators in their place

“Rose up, a god within a phoenix
Had forgot about my freedom when the demons took Eden
And now I’m back, tribed out, no doubt, make it a mission
To maximize my vision in the name of ascension
And spread them riches like we’re children frolicking under the sun
When the journey is done, reminisce on all of the fun
Lent my soul unto a body that didn’t cooperate
So I exited the matrix and rewired my fate!
They said it couldn’t be done; tried to hit me with curses
I’m a hippie gypsy wizard with a lyrical purpose!
People hurtin’ / People poverty stricken
Steady lookin’ to a system that killed everyone off like we were victims
Hearing crickets like David Wilcock at the beginning of his journey
Now you’re learning and yearning for all his wisdom!
Find your name is just a number. You live in a BOX!
You ‘besta’ turn a cold shoulder my soldier and rise UP!”

DISL Automatic:
We are titans upon the mic and we rising up for the fight
because the time and the place is right it’s like lightning the way we strike.
Hit them quick and fast listen as the microphone gets ripped in half
this the type of track to get you hype enough to kick some ass! Keep it peaceful though STEVE GRANT and DISL flow for the people and we plant the mental seeds so we can grow as a species of earthlings on this planet the first things understanding we share this world we inhabit.
We are not alone the planet don’t belong to us what the heck is wrong with us? Everything will be gone because of us.
If we don’t change the way we live. If you say that you don’t give a damn that maybe you should think bout the future generations yeah the babies and the kids who will learn from our actions and the way that we get big!
Rise up all for one and one for all
We changing the way we live because we trying to evolve.

Rise Up Genre Giants

“So I exited The Matrix and rewired my fate!”

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